BTC Launches HD Radio Data Services In Canada


The Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, a mapping and location technology company, HERE, will be providing the first in-vehicle HD radio traffic service in Canada. HD radio traffic technology allows drivers and passengers to view detailed information on local traffic conditions in real time on their vehicle’s audio display screen.

Honda is the first brand to offer the service to its customers. The BTC has launched stations to provide coverage in most areas within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Vancouver, and Calgary. The service is expected to expand to additional Canadian markets in the future.

The BTC is a company formed to build a nationwide terrestrial broadcasting network to distribute local traffic and other map-related data via FM and HD radio technology. Founding members are Beasley, Bonneville, Cox, Emmis, Entercom, Greater Media, NPR, and Radio One. Originally founded in 2007 with eight broadcast groups contributing to the network, the BTC has grown to include 23 broadcast groups in the US and Canada.


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