Christian Host Arrested in Toledo


Proclaim FM 102.3 host Mark Howington has been arrested for inappropriately touching a woman in a Target bathroom on February 11th. According to 13ABC TV police allege Howington went into the women’s bathroom at Target and slapped Piechowski’s behind “extremely hard” as he passed her. Police have charged Howington with assault, obstructing official business and carrying concealed weapons.

The woman told police the man never turned around. “Never said a word. He hit me real hard and kept walking real fast.” Lt. Joe Heffernan told 13abc when officers arrived they found the sharp edge of a screwdriver inside Howington’s pocket along with what appeared to be a small container of Vaseline in his right sock.

13ABC reports that an attorney for the radio station said the station learned of the arrest last week. The station’s board of directors met and placed Howington on suspension until they receive more information to consider. The suspension began Saturday morning.

Picture courtesy 13ABC


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