Radio Will Be Crucial In Deciding President


    MediaPost summarizes a lot of the recent news about how crucial radio will be in the 2016 election. In a blog that points out iHeart’s recent hire of Capitol Hill veteran Brendon DelToro, MediaLife’s prediction that up to 15% of the spending will go to radio and radio’s penetration rate among the undecided voters, MediaPost details how critical radio will be in deciding the next president.

    On MSNBC a focus group, when asked where Ted Cruz supporters had heard good things about the candidate, they responded: “The Glenn Beck Show on the radio,” adding, “I’ve listened to him for years, and I trust his opinion.”

    Kristy McKnight of Veritone Politics, which launched an audio-based Cognitive Media Platform in late January, told MediaPost that campaigns need to be acutely aware of the audio landscape this cycle, much of which may go unnoticed. With virtually every public event around the candidates being recorded and filmed, the breadth of audio data is staggering. McKnight pointed to the “politicization of radio, especially the talk shows.”


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