77 WABC Gives NYC “The Bernie And Sid Show”


77 WABC  debuted its newest talk radio show, The Bernie and Sid Show, Wednesday from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m ET. The new show brings together talk radio hosts – Imus producer Bernard McGuirk and former WFAN host Sid Rosenberg.

McGuirk is the executive producer of the Imus in the Morning radio program and an on-air personality on the Imus show. Rosenberg started his radio career on The Drive, heard on SportsLineUSA.com. The show eventually moved to broadcast radio, and was syndicated nationally in more than 40 markets by SportsFan and Westwood One.

Craig Schwalb, Program Director for 77 WABC Radio said: “Bernie and Sid are New Yorkers, great friends, and familiar personalities to WABC listeners, thanks to their years on Imus In The Morning. The Bernie and Sid Show is well positioned to be the next great New York radio tradition.”


  1. Sid is a fool that is making it harder on a daily basis to continue to listen to the show – He has become like Imus towards the end with the constant blabber about his kids & daily life except Imus was a legend – His foul mouth & constant self promotion is getting old – I’m sure your wife & kids must be so proud when you say blow job etc – You sound on most days like the old crack head you were – Poor Bernie to be saddled with such a wanker

  2. Sid is AWFUL! All he know is sports and Jewish culture. He has no life except for radio. Imus worked on the railroad, in mine, in the Marine Corps, etc. his opinion mattered. Sid’s opinion on anything matters ZERO!

    Ditto BERNIE.

  3. Sid is AWFUL! Constantly exaggerates everything!

    Just the sound of his voice sends me to WOR…

    • OMG, I thought ht I was the only one who felt like that. He is so obnoxious, I can’t believe he was hired for this show. No insight, no intellect, rude, crude, self aggrandizing. I too have stopped listening and my apologies to Bernie who is a good radio personality. Get rid of sid!!!

  4. Bernard is a talented,smart,witty,well read individual. He is painfully handcuffed to a moron,Sid Rosenberg.I don’t know if that was done purposely to keep Bernard from going solo.But his loyalty to Imus and his friends are not seen anywhere,or by anyone. He is a true “Stand Up Guy” a term which has been used loosely. But Bernard is “Old School” street guy,coupled with perfect diction and wit. He could write his ticket anywhere at anytime. Bernard handcuffed to Sid is like Mike Wallace doing a show with Gilbert Godfrey as his co-host.Bernard and the show can only go,so-farwith Bernie carrying the weight of a moron. A talk show host,under any circumstances should never call a person calling in (his audience) an “asshole”. That is a common scenario with “Skid”. Bernie, if you are listening,give me 1 month with you,and we can make your show, #1. In any event,get away from that whinning weasel.

    • We are not governed by fairytales and are free to say what we please. People who believe in ridiculous myths are also free to speak, but many of us wish you’d just shut up now and then and keep your nutty and harmful beliefs to yourselves. There’s already way too much religious lunacy in radio. Jesus Christ!

    • Virtually all politicians are crooked: She and Trump are exceedingly terrible. And they operate in a corrupt system fueled by money that should be in our pockets. Anybody who believes in electoral politics is crazy. Anybody who still thinks this is a democracy has their head in the sand.

  5. I enjoy the easy banter and conversation on your show. I respectfully ask that your don’t use the words “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” when getting excited about something. As much as I dislike political correctness to a point, this is more in the vain of taking the Lord’s name in vain and the show would be better off with out it.


  6. I love the easy banter and conversation of the show. I respectfully ask that you don’t use the words “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” when getting excited about something. As much as I dislike political correctness, this is in the taking the Lord’s name in vain category and your show would be better without it.



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