Satellite Music Network Creator Dies


John Tyler may have been one of the most instrumental people in syndicating 24 hour formats and talent that most stations were unable to attain other than through syndication. He passed away over the weekend. SMN was launched in 1981 and in less than three years, the network had more than 300 affiliates. By the late 1980s, SMN was broadcasting to more than 600 stations. In 1989, SMN merged with ABC Radio and expanded to ten formats.

Reach Media’s Marty Raab worked with Tyler. “My thoughts: John Tyler was everything! He was a visionary, mentor and leader that created confidence among all. Two comments that guide me today, “Lawyers are wrong 50% of the time… What do you really think,” and “…so what if they copy us, you know we’ll do it better.” From listeners that got great programming to all of us that got to work for him and benefited by his legacy… He impacted peoples lives in more ways than anyone can ever count. Blessed to have worked with John and know him.”


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