Trouble at The Tom Joyner Morning Show


(THURSDAY UPDATE) Without giving any details – or the reason why Brown left the studio – Reach Media says the co-host will return to the Tom Joyner Morning Show Monday morning. Joyner mentioned it briefly, with no details either on his show Thursday.

It appears long-time co-host, comedian Anthony Brown may have quit the Tom Joyner morning show. Reach Media tells Radio Ink Brown is still under contract and they are looking into the situation that lead to Brown walking out of the studio Wednesday morning. Radio Facts is reporting that Brown quit because he’s upset about his pay and another new syndicated host getting a larger salary from Reach Media. Reach Media provided Radio Ink with a transcript of a conversation brown had with Joyner off the air and they tell us this is not a bit.

Today J. Anthony Brown surprised Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and the production staff of the Tom Joyner Morning Show with the following:

After the end of the first break, at 6:10am CT, the hour the following exchanged occurred –
ON AIR – 6:10 am
(Tom Joyner taking the show to break)
Tom Joyner: Ten, ten past the hour

Tom Joyner: Player, you feel alright?
J. Anthony Brown: Huh?
Tom Joyner: You feel alright today?
J. Anthony Brown: No, I don’t feel good. Uh, in fact I’m quitting. I’m quitting today. (laughter from Tom and Sybil) You guys can have it, man. I’ve had enough of this, seriously. Bye (more laughter from Tom and Sybil)
Sybil Wilkes: (chucking) Bye? What’s the matter?
Tom Joyner: I don’t know. Did he just cut the mic? Player?…Player?

Off air Tom asked if J. Anthony Brown was alright. J. responded the he was not and that he was “quitting.” Both Tom and Sybil responded with laughter followed by J. Anthony Brown saying he was serious and no further response.

After several tries to reconnect with Brown, Tom Joyner attempted to reach out to him in both a personal and professional way ending with all surprised that he had actually left the studio.

J. Anthony Brown is currently under contract with Reach Media Inc. and the Tom Joyner Morning Show. There is a plan to discuss today’s events with Brown.

We will keep all updated as information is received.


  1. I knew Tom Joiner was retiring, but when I awoke at 5:00 a.m. with Steve Harvey, I was sorely disappointed. He is everywhere on every medium. I cannot take this much of Steve. I have got to find other programming. He is saturating the market. I do not like it. Sybil Wilkes was the voice of common sense and I miss her too.

  2. I am informed that Tom Joyner is retiring after this year. Steve Harvey is over saturated in my view. My wife loves him but I feel he is not funny and is too much into himself. He is on TV and radio and its too much for me.I hope to listen to one of the other morning shows when Tom leaves but it won’t be Steve’s.There are many people who adore him but I am apparently in the minority. He doesn’t need me nor do I need him.If the Tom Joyner format remains I will still be listening to whomever replaces Tom.

  3. I love tjms been tuning in for years I remember the day’s the fly jock would do the show live I attended every time the best morning party ever Tom paty with a purpose he will be missed I can’t listen to Steve he a little to stuck on his self for me and I don’t like when he try to act like his show is so much better Jay you didn’t get this much air time over there did you very childish to me do we have to always try and knock the next man. Tom don’t ever discuss them he is not a hater love you tom.

  4. I was listing to Tom this morning and found out that he is leaving the air, WHY? what will I do With out hearing him and Sylve on the air each morning, and I was sad when j anthony Brown left the show also, they made a great team. I saw Tom in Jackson TN about a week ago, he were in the parade, it were good to see him and I will miss him with all the information he give and how he help people in time of trouble. We Love you Tom—————KISSES

  5. While I have always liked TJMS, I also enjoyed listening to M. Baisden in my area and was horrified they took him off the air. Very informative show (maybe provocative in regards to content/conversation on some topics) but always keeping us in the loop nevertheless. When they brought on Steve Harvey I thought, hey good replacement -should have both though. First week, was horrible. Way toooooomuch talking!! Where is the music?!!??!!! Takes me 30 minutes to get work and he and his co-hosts talked and talked. No music. New school, ol school, out of school…. nothang!!! I do not find most of the show entertaining or funny. Some of those phone pranks do nothing but anger people. Is that REALLY necessary?! Play some jazz, some funk, introduce some new artist. Maybe its better on the east/west coast. Oh and the afternoon co-hosts and content – its not any better. Whoever suggested Sirrus, is right.

  6. Once Tom leaves the air it’s Sirius Radio for me. Steve is all about himself and what he can sell. Tom always trying to assist the community without us buying something from him. Be careful who you let into your ears, head, and heart.

  7. My name is Bobby I’m a local DJ in Eastover North Carolina I’ve been listening to Tom Jordan Morning Show for years I’m also a truck driver I listen to him and Jay Anthony and Sybil every morning at 6 they bring me laughter and keep me going on the road plus they keep you in the know the

    oh oh oh Tom Jordan show

  8. I like the show and I like Steve Harvey”s show. I just thought it was real strange to hear J. Anthony Brown on the Steve Harvey show in the morning. There should not be a divide over whose show is better. Supporting radio stations who will represent us and what we are about is the important issue we face. I don’t think we should allow this issue to be trivialized smd forgotten. We have fought for a lot of important issues and this is one worth it.

  9. I always listen to tom Joyner in the morning if he leave the air so do I I don’t think Steve Harvey is funny at all me friends have all told me that they don’t like Steve Harvey either I listen to him to find out why they didn’t like him after ten minutes I new why.

  10. This show is the best if I had to pick a show to stay it be the tom Joyner show very informative funny and factual don’t fix what isn’t broken

  11. I luv the show they are my inspiration every morning they deliver good news and they’re the voices for all of us them and Dl hugley but that Steve Harvey can stay off the air he’s to loud and it hurts my ears plus he’s not funny I miss berney mack but please please please put Tom team back on.


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