How To Build A Cohesive Theme


Here are some key strategies that will help your radio or television team work together for optimal performance.

1. Encourage each player on the show to take one personal growth seminar or class, attend a convention at least once a year, etc. The more fulfilled you are within yourself the more you are likely to get along with the group.

2. Periodically set and reset goals for the show and for each individual.

3. Have the day belong to each player occasionally (“It’s Amy’s Day today – she chooses the rotating feature and leads the post show discussion of what worked best and what could have been better on that day’s show).

4. Make some form of writing (journaling, blogging, etc.) a part of your daily show prep. The writing process is a terrific way of getting the emotional junk out of your system so it’s less likely to cause a problem with the team. Journaling is a smart device used by most creative people as a way to recall the day’s experiences, insights and feelings that can be used as content for the show or to extend your personality brand through blogging.

5. Get out of the building once a week to prep the next day’s show or to do your advance planning meeting. Go to a restaurant or to someone’s home. Being in a different setting brings out more of your creativity and chances are something will happen to generate a story for the show. The more time you spend together as a group the better your timing, rhythm, chemistry and team rapport will be on the air.

One more thing…Take care of your health. This is one of the best things you can do for the show and your performance. Get enough sleep. Do some kind of exercise and eat a healthy diet. Practice mindfulness and try meditation if you’re not doing it already. Watch your creative output soar!



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