It’s a Connection Thing


I recently went to a reunion that included folks from the radio and music business that I’ve known for many years.
Two on-air personalities that I worked with at WNEW FM were there whom I hadn’t seen in years and their presence reminded me of a critical benefit that we provide to our various audiences. In my opinion Dennis Elsas and Ken Dashow are two of the most distinct and meaningful on-air personalities in the history of New York broadcasting. To this day, if I run into someone who was a fan of the former perennial rock station WNEW-FM, Dennis and Ken’s names bring a smile and elicits an emotion from the person.

In my Greater Media Programming role we are fortunate to have many personalities who have that same meaning to their audiences on a daily basis. They live and breathe ways to engage with their communities. I’m sure many of you have similar talent that needs to be celebrated.

What Dennis and Ken remind me of is the power of audience connection at its finest. They remind me that curating a great listener experience is not a job but truly a passionate calling. They remind me of the reason I got into this business of serving and entertaining our listeners.



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