How I Became A Radio Leader

Nicky Sparrow is a past member of Radio Ink’s Future African American Leaders in Radio list. She was recently promoted by iHeartMedia to Jacksonville market presi­dent. We asked Sparrow to share the details on how she advanced her career and made it to the top.

What Will Dan Mason Say Next Week?

Former CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason will be a keynote speaker at Radio Ink's 7th annual Hispanic Radio Conference next week in Fort Lauderdale. Mason has been one of radio's most respected executives for decades, and to hear him speak about Hispanic radio and programming in general is going to be very special for those who attend the conference.

The Future of Podcasting is NOW!

(By Dan Franks) In last week’s Infinite Dial 2016 live webinar, Edison Research and Triton Digital joined forces to present their most recent study of consumer behaviors around media and technology in America. They had a special focus on the consumption of audio, which included a dedicated section on podcasts.

Why Do We Use Radio? Because It Works!

Ron Fried (pictured left) is a senior account manager with Connoisseur Media on Long Island, and one of his best accounts is TD Bank. It’s an account Fried has had for 11 years, and that’s due in large part to the relationship and trust he’s built with the bank’s vice president of marketing, Eric Fishon (pictured right).

Will Bubba Testify in Hogan Case?

He hopes he doesn't have to according to a story in Radaronline. Todd Clem (Bubba The Love Sponge) is not only the target of a Nielsen lawsuit for alleged ratings tampering, he's part of the Hulk Hogan $100 million Gawker lawsuit. And he does not want to testify in the Hogan case.

Podcasting As Your New Revenue Stream

(By Ryan Wrecker) If traditional radio held the office of president, streaming would be the vice president, and podcasting would be the speaker of the house. Over the past decade we’ve started to move from a digital democracy to a more direct democracy.

Firing Jack Diamond Cost Cumulus Big Revenue

In a company as big as Cumulus, you rarely hear the CEO single out one on-air employee, but that's exactly what Berner did when she detailed just how much the firing of Jack Diamond cost the company. That firing was undone as Berner explained.

Berner: We Have A Lot Of Work To Do

Cumulus CEO Mary Berner has now been on the job for five months and she put her cards on the table yesterday, laying out her entire plan to turn around the company. Berner's had a chance to look under the hood in more detail and, as they say, the baby is ugly. However, Berner says given time, Cumulus has the assets to be one of the winners in the radio industry. Thursday afternoon, she detailed operational and cultural changes she hopes will steady the Cumulus ship. The big question is does she have enough time to execute her plan.

Cumulus Culture Change Now In Effect

Berner said it was normal operating procedure for the prior Cumulus administration to take weeks to answer a request from a local market, if they got back to them at all. Now, Berner says the company has instituted a new process and the feedback is positive.

Cumulus Pulled In $94.7 Million Less Revenue In 2015 Than 2014

The numbers are bad all around for radio's number two company. Not only did revenue decrease about $20 million in Q4, typically radio's best quarter of the year, Cumulus took in a total of $94.7 million less in 2015 than it did in 2014. Here's where Cumulus lost all that revenue: $58.3 million in ad revenue, $16.0 million in digital advertising, $15.9 million in political advertising, and $4.5 million in licensing fees and other revenue.

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