House Committee Passes Pirate Act


On Thursday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee passed the PIRATE Act. If approved by the full Congress, The PIRATE Act will increase fines to up to $2 million, hold those who knowingly assist pirate stations accountable, provide for spectrum enforcement sweeps in markets with the most illegal stations, and create an easy-to-use list of licensed stations and illegal stations that have received enforcement.

New York State Broadcasters Association President David Donovan is pleased the Act is moving along. “The number of illegal AM and FM stations operating in the New York City metro area exceeds the number of stations licensed by the FCC. The FCC’s ability to police the airwaves has been severely compromised in a number of markets. The result is interference to the Emergency Alert System, interference to FAA airport communications systems, transmission of RF radiation at levels above government standards, and a complete disregard for all FCC and consumer protection laws.


  1. Okay now is the time for glocks and AKs to be added to the broadcast studio of all pirates. I’m eager to see this Revolutionary war ignite.


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