Women In Radio: A Closer Look At Changing Roles

Historically, radio has been an industry dominated by men. Ownership, management, and on-air talent are all areas where the male prevails. Two Central Michigan University Professors have started a conversation about women breaking barriers.

Why Jeff Warshaw Believes His Deal Was Good For The Industry

Two days ago Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw announced he was leading a management buyout of Perot Holdings, which invested in his company four years ago. Yesterday Radio Ink dug deeper into the story with Warshaw who believes the deal is good news for the entire radio industry.

Here’s Jeff Smulyan’s Vision For Emmis

The core of the company Jeff Smuylan has run has always revolved around radio. In some form or another, Emmis as a radio company has been around for four decades. And while he shows no signs of retiring, it's clear Smulyan is steering his company away from the radio business.

What Is Jeff Smulyan Up To?

In 1996 Radio Ink launched the first 40 Most Powerful People in Radio list. Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan has been on that list every year since (he's the only person to accomplish that). Smulyan was number #6 in 2000 and 2001. In 2016 he was 7th. Our 2019 list will be released on July 22. Will Smulyan still be there?

Here Are The 2019 Radio Mercury Awards Winners

This year’s $50,000 Best of Show award was presented to Wieden + Kennedy for their Old Spice Pomade Radio campaign. Let's find out who else took home all that prize money...

Keep An Eye On The “Consent Decree” Issue

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice opened a review of the nearly 80-year-old consent decrees governing how ASCAP and BMI license music. The decrees have been the solid framework that's given radio stations at least some consistency in what they pay PRO's for the right to air music from their repertoires.

Spotify Tries To Be More Like Radio

If you can't beat radio, you might as well try to be more like radio. Spotify's new streamlined app is called "Stations." It gives users easy access to curated playlists and its designed to give users a more radio-like experience.

Why This Listener Wants More Local Radio

Kristen McQueary is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. She writes about state and local politics and says she depends on local radio in Chicago. She listens to and from work, she streams radio at her home and she listens on podcasts to catch up on what she might have missed.

What Happened To The Shock Jock Format?

With Howard Stern making the rounds to promote his book (and telling everyone he regrets how he behaved during his popular radio years), and Bubba losing his last Florida radio affiliate, it got us wondering -- what happened to radio's shock jock format?

Radio Keeps Us Connected

Those are the words of iHeart CEO Bob Pittman in a very positive report on the car radio from CBS TV. Radio Historian Donna Halper is also in the story and says, "When I was sitting in the car listening to those songs, it was the DJ that really spoke to me." The report also checks in with Cousin Brucie, now 83 years old, who's been on radio for over 50 years.

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July 22, 2019
The 40 Most Powerful People In Radio