Media Borne Agency Success Stories

Borrell's Local Marketing trends podcast is offering part two of a three part series on 'Flops, Triumphs, & Future of Digital Agencies'. Last week the focus was on failed agencies, this week it is success stories.

Brewing Success With Radio

Born in a brewery in 1955 O Bee Credit Union was literally run from a shirt pocket. Founder Ted McGill worked in Bottle House "A" of Olympia Brewery. He would walk around the brewery with membership cards, loan applications and receipts all stuffed in a pocket.

Power Equipment Business: Powered By Radio

Tim Havens, owner of Falls Farm & Garden Equipment in Hudson Falls, NY, loves radio. It took someone hurting his feelings before he realized how to use radio the right way, and he's never looked back.

No Slicing Radio Ads For This Kentucky Pizza Business

Pizza is a huge part of Chris and April Robinson's lives. The Somerset, Kentucky couple has been "Slinging Pies" for most of their working lives. She managed a pizza chain for 15 years and he has been in an out of the business ever since he got his drivers license. Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

Radio Boosts Kentucky Auto Tech Business

After working in radio for more than 30 years, Robert Lindsey felt it was time for a change. About 11 years ago he bought Auto Tech Service, an established car repair business in Lexington, Kentucky. Lindsey tells Radio Ink that while the changing face of radio resulted in a shift of his career path, radio is and always will be part of his life. Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

He Knows Radio Works As Well As He Knows Your Car

In 1990, Joe O’Rourke was handling sales for a new radio station in town when an order for Ryan Imported Car Repair crossed his desk. The morning guy knew the owner, Joe Ryan, and he told O’Rourke, “Get to know Joe Ryan, he already knows your car.” Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

Radio + Rebranding = Success For Wisconsin Orthopedic Clinic!

How do you change your medical business' name without losing patients? Stevens Point Orthopedic Administrator Shane Melenbacker, with the help of Midwest Communications Group’s stations in Wausau, Wisconsin, turned to radio to get the word out. Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

Radio Sews Up Success For This Mom & Pop Business

Penny Marble is a professional quilter with decades of experience. Her husband Charlie is one of the few certified Singer sewing machine service techs in New York State. And advertising on the radio is one of the best business decisions they've made. Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

Radio Is A Jewel For This Local Business

For more than 130 years, Michaels Jewelers has served Connecticut with 10 locations throughout the state. "We have been doing radio for decades," says fifth-generation family member Lindsay Michaels, Marketing Manager for the company. Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

Radio Provides “The Kick” For Route 66 Hardware Store

Since 2006, Henkle’s Ace Hardware Store in Webb City, Missouri, has been serving the Joplin area from its prime location on the most iconic highway in the United States. Our weekly advertiser success stories are sponsored by

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