New Study Shows Radio’s Enduring Spanish-Language Appeal


Harker Bos Group is offering a detailed look into the media consumption habits and deep-seated love of radio of Spanish-language audiences, sharing data first unveiled at Radio Ink‘s Hispanic Radio Conference 2024.

Harker Bos found 72% of Spanish-language audiences regularly engage with radio, underscoring its sustained popularity. In contrast, podcast listening, which stands at 40%, highlights a growing trend although it still lags behind traditional radio in terms of overall sway within this demographic.

So why radio? A significant majority of those surveyed value the local content and community updates provided by radio stations, with many listeners considering it crucial for their chosen stations to feature local happenings and news as part of their regular programming.

The study also touches on the technological aspects of radio listenership, noting that while traditional over-the-air methods are still predominant, there is a notable usage of modern streaming options via apps and smart devices, reflecting a blend of traditional and digital modalities in media consumption.

The research reveals a fascinating interplay between the consumption of different media types. Spanish-language audiences who frequently listen to radio are somewhat less inclined to consume podcasts. Yet on the other end, those who embrace podcasts often do not shun traditional radio, indicating a broader appetite for diverse audio content.

The study also delves into daily media consumption durations, providing insight into just how integral these audio formats are to daily routines. Over 70% of Spanish-language radio listeners spend at least one hour per day tuned into the radio, and nearly 40% listen for two hours or more. Podcast listeners display similar patterns, with a large portion engaging for multiple hours each day.

Radio and podcasts also prove significant platforms for news consumption. 71% of radio listeners and 79% of podcast listeners engage with news either frequently or occasionally, which illustrates the vital role these platforms play in informing Spanish-language communities. In terms of digital music streaming, the study indicates high engagement across age groups, with 84% of listeners aged 18-34 regularly utilizing streaming services. Only 54% of those aged 55 and above said the same.

The full State of Spanish-Language Media 2024: Audio Edition will be published by Harker Bos Group on July 9. Copies can be reserved on the group’s website.


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