Leadership Lessons From Hispanic Radio’s Best Managers


In our June issue of Radio Ink magazine, we ask our Medallas de Cortez management finalists – sales and overall – about their keys to leadership and how they overcome the industry’s largest struggles when it comes to broadcasting to the industry’s fastest-growing demographic.

Radio Ink: What is your organization’s biggest challenge to retaining and growing sales professionals?

The biggest challenge we face in retaining and growing sales professionals lies in keeping them motivated to participate in trainings due to the rapidly evolving nature of the digital landscape. Digital sales require constant upskilling and staying abreast of emerging technologies, platforms, and trends.”

Retaining and growing salespeople can be challenging due to increased competition, market saturation, changing consumer habits (like streaming services), and the need for continuous adaptation to evolving technology platforms. Having a solid onboarding plan in place is pivotal in helping new talent hires understanding the radio business and building a foundation that can help them achieve their full potential.  Additionally, providing ongoing training, fostering a fun and supportive work environment, and offering a competitive compensation package are essential in helping to attract and retain top talent.”

Radio Ink: What do you believe are the key attributes of a great Hispanic radio – or any radio – manager? Or what is the most difficult part about the role?

Take what you have at your radio station(s), no matter how small the budget, and find ways that no one else has done before to use it to help the community and your sponsors.  Find people to work on your team who are willing to do things differently than we have done in the past! Learn how to setup video to help your brokered radio shows get more reach online in addition to radio.”

“Find people in the community who know where all the events are happening – they will give your announcers so much content! Have on ‘speed dial’ all of the non-profits in your area that work with the Hispanic community and any event they are doing, you should know about it.  We sometimes have more content than time to talk about it all!  And if you do, use AI to help record on-air announcements so your staff can spend time on projects they love.”

See what all our 2024 Medallas de Cortez winners and finalists said, plus read our cover interview with FCC Commissioner Anna Gomez! The new issue of Radio Ink is out now. Order your digital or print subscription today!


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