Progressive Can’t Stay Out Of The Top Spot For Long


Spring fever could only hold Progressive Insurance out of the top spot for radio’s national advertisers for one week as the insurance giant retakes the lead. After a big week for home improvement brands and landscaping, the order has been shaken up, per Media Monitors data from April 22 to April 28.

As stated, Progressive topped the charts with the most aired spots across all monitored markets, reaching a play count of 57,232. The Home Depot fell out of first to a distant second, broadcasting 44,495 spots. ZipRecruiter climbed back into the top three with 42,784 plays.

In the fourth position, Upside aired its ads 39,177 times. Rounding out the top five was language-learning platform Babbel, with 36,644 ads.

As far as warm weather marketers go, Lowe’s stayed steady at sixth, while last week’s big surprise advertiser TruGreen fell off the list entirely.



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