Tech Repeats As Highest Grossing Podcast Genre In March


Coming alongside a stream of good news for the podcasting industry, the medium’s advertising rates held steady throughout March after a February climb. Libsyn’s Podcast Advertising Rates for March 2024 were comparable to the previous month’s $21.99.

These rates highlight the top-performing categories with the highest cost-per-thousand (CPM) values, as well as more accessible categories for advertisers looking to tap into podcasting’s potent marketing potential.

In March 2024, the average CPM rate for a 60-second ad held steady at $21.95, mirroring the rates from the previous month and the same period in the previous year. Leading the CPM charts are Technology ($28), Education ($24), and Health & Fitness ($24), all reflecting robust advertising performance in their respective sectors.

Additionally, categories such as Fiction, Games, and Kids & Family present engaging opportunities for advertisers at more accessible CPM rates, which averaged in the high teens to low $20s in March.

These insights are gathered from sales data across Libsyn Ads’ network of shows.

Libsyn Chief Revenue Officer Dave Hanley noted, “As we head into the busy ad buying season, we’re seeing a growing diversity of advertisers across sectors enter the podcast advertising realm as marketers increasingly recognize the effectiveness and value of the medium for expanding reach and driving consumer action.”


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