Let’s See The Algorithm Do This


(By Buzz Knight) We must embrace the new possibilities of technological advancement and the growth of artificial intelligence. I worked up this exercise to point out the vital importance of the human touch. Here are things an algorithm cannot do for radio stations:

  • Greet a client or listener at the front desk when they arrive at the station site.
  • Answer the request line and have a real back and forth warm conversation.
  • Call a client and thank them for their business and ask how they can better serve their needs.
  • Smile and thank a listener for their loyalty when talent meets them at a station promotion.
  • Give an interview to the local television station with the passing of a music icon.
  • Raise money or goods for a charity when tragedy strikes in a market.
  • Motivate an air staff or sales staff at a meeting.
  • Take a station van to get it washed and waxed so it looks perfect for its next appearance.
  • Go to speak at a chamber of commerce to preach the virtues of the medium.
  • Spontaneously react in the moment and adjust a music log because of some event or action that cries out for a better song choice.
  • Give negative feedback to an employee if they have done something wrong.
  • Heap on positive praise when an employee has gone above and beyond.

Embracing technological advancements and seeking out ways to innovate is a vital priority for the future of the business.  It’s not only smart and strategic but it’s also a necessity. This includes using the tools that artificial intelligence provides wisely.

While algorithms and AI have the capabilities to revolutionize the world, there are still distinct qualities that real people bring to every aspect of the radio industry. Real radio personalities bring emotional connection, adaptability, spontaneity, local knowledge, and trust building that is built over time and can’t be replaced by an algorithm.

Take stock in what resources you may have, embrace the good with an eye on finding that correct mix that can bring you success.

Join me for an AI Town Hall on Thursday February 29 at 830am at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. The event will be moderated by Mike McVay and I’ll be joined by Fred Jacobs and Zena Burns.

Buzz Knight can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. Read Buzz’ Radio Ink archives here.


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