Farm Bureau Votes AM Radio Support Into 2024 Policy Direction


The American Farm Bureau Federation concluded its 2024 Annual Convention in Salt Lake City by committing to the fight to preserve AM radio. The resolution, spearheaded by AFBF Vice President of Public Policy Sam Kiefer, is a critical issue for rural residents.

In an audio statement, Kiefer emphasized the grassroots origins of this resolution, now built into Farm Bureau policy, saying “What our delegates here in Salt Lake City approved this week was language that gives us firm footing in supporting legislation that would make sure that AM radio stays in automobiles as they are manufactured.”

AM radio provides reliable information and safety alerts, especially in remote rural areas where FM and cell services are often unreliable. The policy acknowledges the crucial function of AM radio during emergencies like tornadoes or hurricanes. It allows the AFBF policy team to actively engage with lawmakers to advocate for maintaining these essential communication channels in vehicles.

A recent Katz Media Group study found that 81% of agricultural workers use radio while on the job, heavily outweighing streaming audio, podcasts, or satellite radio.

Kiefer notes that while some vehicle manufacturers have already responded positively, the Farm Bureau wants to ensure that AM radio remains a priority in the face of government regulations or manufacturing trends. “Our folks have long relied on communications of every means to stay informed. Agriculture is done where the land is and a lot of our members who live in rural areas…rely on AM radio as a great opportunity to stay abreast of very important things like weather and news and keeps them connected,” he commented.

This resolution reflects the Farm Bureau’s commitment to supporting rural families and communities. As Kiefer puts it, “Farm Bureau is a big tent organization and if it’s important to rural communities, it’s important to us and we appreciate the opportunity to work with all who have a vested interest in rural America. This is just another example of that.”

The AFBF is already in a long list of agricultural and rural groups in fervent support of the AM For Every Vehicle Act, which is currently awaiting a vote in Congress.


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