‘Eclectic’ Co-Host Joins More Than 12 Out At KCRW After Buyouts


Santa Monica NPR member KCRW is making staff reductions and one programming cut in the wake of a $3 million budget deficit. Morning Becomes Eclectic co-host Anthony Valadez and All Things Consider‘s Janaya Williams are confirmed out after a buyout offer.

The LA Times reports that more than a dozen managers, production engineers, and content producers have accepted these buyout packages, with most set to leave the station this month. KCRW offered buyout packages to about 10% of its workforce in December, trying to avoid layoffs.

The daily news series, Greater LA, will also come to an end after five years. Host Steve Chiotakis announced on X that the show would air its final episode on January 11, saying “I am so grateful for the time we had, the wonderful people who helped put it together, and all the ears that listened. Thank you for everything!”

Chiotakis will return as a local host for All Things Considered.

As previously reported by Radio Ink, KCRW has been especially impacted by reduced advertising revenues from film studios, as a result of the the recent Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes. KCRW’s income heavily relies on member contributions and corporate sponsorships, including those from studios promoting films and TV shows.


  1. I stopped my membership when Madeline Brand and one of those deep voiced guys had two stories in quick succession criticizing teachers. Remember that decade when America enjoyed that hobby? I do. I would not even have minded if they would have had teachers on as counterpoints or even just to actually hear from a teacher’s perspective.

    From that moment on, I was no longer part of the community of KCRW. They used us for a cheap story and not a well rounded one. I will never financially contribute to undermining myself. Up till then, I loved being a part of that community.

  2. I miss Anthony Valdez. There needs to be two at the helm to provide a balance of music choices. Novena is great but Anthony’s contribution is sorely missed.

  3. Love Novena! She has a great energy and plays a wide variety of music. Glad she’s keeping it eclectic. Sad to hear about the reduction in staffing. Been a member for over 20 years. Hoping KCRW thrives.

  4. I have been a member of KCRW est.1989, recently with the such drastic over night changes at the station, the music programs have sunk into the Santa Monica watershed. Eclectic 24 is what you hear for most programming after 10pm. This last year I decided not to be a member due to the low quality music programming. It is sad to hear that Anthony is gone, and Novina well, I can barely tolerate her voice sometimes. There are shows they should drop Ro “Wyldeflower” Contreras, Eclectic 24, Anne Litt, Raul Campos doesn’t need a sat & sun spot, Henry Rollins needs to be moved to sunday night. The program director failed miserably having Jason Bentley followed with Punk Rock music just doesn’t work. The station programming has been a whole mess for the past 2yrs. Perhaps, maybeee that’s why members stopped giving, because they stopped giving.

    • Wow! I still love most things about KCWR, and am a member but have to agree with almost everything you wrote! I don’t mind the genre changing every 2-3 hours, but there is so many genres of music that isn’t touched on. novina’s voice is just annoying.

    • I appreciate the time, effort and perspective from you Eva. Thank you and i hope you many good deep breaths when the going gets tough!

    • Well phrased and I agree with what Eva says, and amplify on Novina, who’s on-air presence overwhelms everything else. Sad to see Anthony go, I would heavily prefer his calm demeaner for MBE. I also stopped giving, mostly, for the reasons Eva explained (I don’t know Eva).

  5. Tuned in to KCRW right now and Anthony Valadez is on “MBE” with Novena Carmel. No announcement yet, but it could come just before Noon when “Press Play” comes on the air.


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