The Top 3 Qualities Gen Z Want From Their First Job


(By Chris Stonick) This survey comes from Handshake, a career site for college students and recent grads. Gen Z students were asked what they wanted most from their first job. Here are the results:

  1. Stability – 85% (after graduating from Covid College, who could blame them?)
  2. Benefits – 81%
  3. High starting salary (defined as $82,000+) – 80%

The surprise here to me was #2. Many HR people I’ve talked with over the years have said, “Young workers don’t care about benefits.” That appears to be changing. This is also important to know when writing scripts for a company targeting recent grads.

For more than three decades, Chris Stonick has helped thousands of organizations across the country with recruiting and retention while generating well over $100,000,000 in billing for his client radio stations. Contact Chris at 863-397-5615 or by email


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