I’m Thankful For…


(By Rick Fink) I was re-reading some of the Wizard’s past Monday Morning Memos this weekend and ran across one where he said, “Headlines and subject lines that create mystery are more effective than those that solve one. No mystery, no click. No continuing mystery, no engagement”.

The original thought for ENS on Sales this week was to simply say “thank you” and wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe, and festive Thanksgiving holiday. But, after reading MMM, I decided to see if the simple headline of “I’m Thankful for…” would get more clicks than normal. I’ll share the results in an upcoming ENS on Sales; I’m just not going to tell you which one!

Until then, we are thankful you have chosen to trust us and enjoy ENS on Sales.

Be Thankful!
Be thankful for the bad days; they make you appreciate the good ones much more.
Be thankful for your losses; they make your wins that much sweeter.
Be thankful for Mondays; they make Fridays GREAT!
Be thankful for the difficult people; they show you what not to be like.
Be thankful for what you have, and you’ll end up having more!

We wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, safe, and festive Thanksgiving holiday!

Rick Fink from ENS Media can be reached at 605-310-2062 or at [email protected]. Read Rick’s Radio Ink archives here.


  1. We’re thankful for Rick and Belinda Fink. They recently worked with us on a local project that helped us deliver a half a million dollars in new and incremental business.


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