Advertisers Need Radio As Strike Cuts Deeper Into TV Decline


    As the WGA/SAG-AFTRA writers strike crosses the 100-day mark, its repercussions are rippling through the media landscape. However, a looming lack of entertainment content for television and film this fall could be good news for radio advertising.

    A recent study commissioned by Cumulus Media/Westwood One’s Audio Active Group highlights how AM/FM radio stands to gain considerably in this scenario, offering brands a unique opportunity to connect with audiences. Among heavy TV viewers, 22% say they’ll cut back on their viewing time. This means radio — already a key player in the audio market — can fill this content vacuum. More than 80% of the AM/FM radio and podcast audience is already aware of the strike, positioning radio as a top-of-mind alternative.

    The report also suggests that shifting just 20% of TV ad budgets to radio can substantially increase a brand’s reach. Given that many people will be tuning out of TV, now is an opportune time for brands to reallocate resources to radio. For a $500,000 network TV buy, shifting 20% to radio can double the reach from 8% to 18%. For a $2M network TV buy, a similar shift can grow reach from 21% to 40%.

    According to the study, those who cut down on TV are likely to shift to streaming services, spend more time listening to audio content like podcasts and radio, or simply engage more with family and friends. Radio not only provides an entertainment alternative but also serves as a reliable source for news and information, which could be crucial during times of media disruption like this strike.


    1. “In a survey conducted by a RADIO company…..”

      I’m a marketer and this is utter nonsense. This will only hasten viewers shift to the streaming platforms where there is enough content to last for years. Netflix’s ad supported platform will benefit, digital will benefit and the exploding content creator ecosystem will benefit. Radio? Why would I put money there to be 10th unit in a spot break.

      • Seconded! As a buyer I would never believe — and independent data would not back — people turning to radio because they’re new, scripted video-content starved. Streaming services, like many cable networks, rose based on their access to fan-favorite repeat programming.

      • The Content creator ecosystem???? Let’s be honest is the radio you’re thinking traditional commercials. How about Facebook or twitch? What about TikTok? What about live appearances? I literally am paying my bills until I get a new show with advertisers and live appearances doing Facebook live videos, utilizing social media and podcasts. This is very one-sided and frankly the issue with some buyers nowadays. I have proof that this is possible…. If RADIO is done right it is the only platform that reaches multiple audience is 24 hours per day.


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