How Many Stars Would You Receive?


(By Rick Fink) We’ve all seen where businesses or products have ratings or reviews, i.e., 4.5 stars, etc. Most provide an opportunity to make a comment. You may have done this for a restaurant, movie, clothing store, or other retail business. Nearly every business, at one time or another, has asked people to give them a review.

What if, as a media rep, your clients and prospects were offered the opportunity to give you a review? On a scale of 1 to 5, how would they rate you?

  1. Doesn’t waste our time.
  2. Is interested in our success.
  3. Brings us ideas regularly.
  4. Always provides exceptional customer service.
  5. Is always professional.
  6. We feel that we get a very strong return on our investment (ROI).
  7. Stays up-to-date on our products, services, and industry trends.
  8. Stays up-to-date and knowledgeable about their products, services, and industry.
  9. Is knowledgeable about other media and mediums.
  10. Provides more information other than just about their products.
  11. Shows patience with us and is not too pushy.
  12. We trust and feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with them.
  13. Is a good listener.
  14. Isn’t afraid to tell us what we need to hear, even when we might disagree.
  15. Is proactive. Doesn’t just wait for us to tell them what we want or need.

The truth is that we can be great in some areas and lower than average in others. The secret is knowing where you can improve and then making the necessary adjustments. It’s one thing to say or claim that you truly care about your customers, but it’s another to prove it!

What’s Your Rating?

NEVER Stop Learning – Get Better Every Day!

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