Sacramento’s CapRadio Announces Layoffs As Donations Drop


CapRadio, Sacramento’s NPR affiliate, is facing layoffs due to financial constraints. The public radio station announced that 12% of its workforce will be affected, with the majority being part-time employees.

In recent years, CapRadio has undertaken three significant projects, including a new headquarters and public performance space in downtown Sacramento. These projects encountered obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a decrease in donor support. The station confirmed that despite these challenges, the projects are nearing completion.

Board Chair Andrea Clark stated that the board is in talks with CapRadio management and license holder Sacramento State to plan the next steps.

CapRadio Interim General Manager Tom Karlo said, “This is a difficult decision, but we view it as necessary to carry out the station’s public service mission during a financially challenging time for us and for media across the country.”


  1. Time to end all taxpayer funding for “public radio.”…That is a scam at this point. “Public” radion stations sell millions of dollars in advertising as “sponsorships.” …Time to take off the training wheels and make all stations on the dial equal. competitively speaking.

  2. They can say on air “From Sacramento State, this is listener-supported Capitol Public Radio”, but CapRadio’s licensee is Sacramento State UNIVERSITY (or more formally, California State University at Sacramento). It helps readers to know that under the hood, it’s a state-owned college station, with all the budget pressures they have.


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