Tucson’s KTUC Returns To Talk Radio After 25 Years


Cumulus Media has re-launched’s Tucson’s oldest radio station, KTUC-AM, as Freedom 1400, shifting from an Adult Standards format to Conservative Talk. This transformation took place on August 21, at midnight, and was followed by the unveiling of Freedom 1400’s new website.

This marks KTUC’s return to talk radio for the first time since 1998, after it was bought by Sloane Broadcasting. It had previously been a news/talk station throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Freedom 1400’s programming now will feature an array of well-known conservative talk show hosts. The station will broadcast shows by Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, Brian Kilmeade, Guy Benson, and Chris Plante.

Cumulus Tucson’s Vice President and Market Manager Ken Kowalcek said, “Freedom 1400 is poised to revolutionize talk radio in Tucson and beyond. Specializing in thought-provoking conservative talk shows, Freedom 1400 will be the ultimate destination for engaging discussions, insightful analysis, and a platform for diverse perspectives.”

KTUC PD Herb Crowe added, “We’re thrilled to unveil Freedom 1400, Tucson’s Conservative Talk Station. As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re committed to providing a platform for open dialogues, diverse viewpoints, and robust discussions that matter to our community. With our esteemed lineup of talk show hosts, we’re confident that Freedom 1400 will become an essential source of information and insight for our listeners.”


  1. All the Downtown and 4th Avenue Marxists are having a meltdown over this. LOL
    It’s almost humorous to read their mindless comments on here, but, in reality, it’s tragic that they’ve been brainwashed by the Stalinist Left and refuse to love America and stand up for what’s right and decent.

  2. I was listening to KTUC talk radio back 30+ years ago (maybe much longer). I participated many times. I was saddened to see it stop that format years ago. NOW I am very happy to see it back to TALK RADIO. Along with 2 other stations here in Tucson we really need these programs due to how much harmful propaganda is on mainstream TV these days. I learn also a lot from radio about good things to find on the Internet.

  3. I’m 37 years old and love the adult standards. This WAS a great station that I streamed from Pennsylvania. Now no more. Just deleted the app and will never listen again.

  4. Hate your station!!!! Used to enjoy the great
    music and wonderful religious oldies. What is wrong with you???? It must be you need the money

  5. This is so disgusting! They used to play the best music there is. Who listens to the crap that is on there now? All my out-of-town visitors listened to 1400 while they were here and wished they could take it home with them. I will never listen to this station again. How sad!

  6. What a disappointment ! This was one of the best stations to listen to music from the 40’s through the 80’s. I really looked forward to the gospel music that was broadcast on Sunday mornings as well as the big band music later that day. This is just what we need- another right-wing station with far right blather all day long. As if we don’t have enough of that already. If you print this, I would remind your former listeners that there is a station on 1080 AM in Green Valley/Sahuarita that plays good music.

  7. I am devastated with the loss of music on KTUC in Tucson. It was the only place you could get decades of the American Songbook starting with the 1930s to 40s, 50s and 60s and even 70s on the radio. Without this access to quality music on the AM radio dial (which is non-existent on FM) where are we to go?
    The station KTUC covered many genres and eras of American musical history.
    I’ve noticed it on the FM dial as a decade passes eg. the 60s pop et al went to AM and now the 70s is being squeezed out. So this music went to KTUC. I’ve been enjoying the American standards and the big band of the 40s up to nice pop songs of 60s and 70s. But now they’re gone from AM radio forever.
    Only Bobby Rich’s new community station The Drive (KDRI ?) with both AM and FM dials is his salvation for us but it only focuses on the 60s and 70s which is great joy to me, but I miss the old standards, big band and crooners Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc..
    It is a disgrace that it is lost to the corporate power with less interest in generations of American music and buys it out for a right wing political propaganda station. Like we need another one!
    It’s another tragic conservative bashing talk radio taking over the great America Songbook history. .

    If anybody else knows where to find music on the radio dial please let us know.
    Thank you.

  8. It’s a Republic, not a Democracy, but you probably knew that. It’s just so alluring to repeat one of the many Democrat mantras “he’s a threat to democracy” (be sure to incorporate the concern troll inflection, so you invoke the drama).

    It should make you feel a bit better that true MAGA adherents wouldn’t consider Brian Kilmeade, Ben Shapiro, or Guy Benson – MAGA. I will be tuning in to Dan Bongino and Chris Plante. Far better options than Clay and Buck or Sean Hannity. Bravo!

    And don’t you lefties worry. You will always have PBS, NPR, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, AL JAZEERA, Facebook, X, New York Times, Washington Post etc etc etc, and an array of late night “comedians” from which to memorize your talking points. Surely one little station in Tucson can’t be a major threat to your Marxist indoctrination?

    • It’s normal for airhead dumb downs to throw childish hissy fits. If only they had a sense of civics. Love the change to a thinking format.

    • Great comment! Yeah, the Bolsheviks in this town would rather hear ‘Karl Marx Radio Hour’, featuring bedtime readings of Das Kapital.

  9. Just what AM radio needs…yet another propaganda station! AM radio doesn’t have to worry about the car manufacturers dumping AM reception capability. It is committing suicide with its combination of political rants, quack infomercials, and bottom of the barrel ads (cf. the E.D. ads mentioned in a Radio Ink article which ran yesterday).

    Between stations like “Freedom 1400” that air “MAGA” propaganda and others that lease their time to the Russians and Chinese, perhaps it’s time to shut the AM band down completely and move other radio services onto those frequencies. And, while you’re at it, Congress and FCC, perhaps it’s time to break up some of these mega-group owners.

    • Propaganda is what you hear on: CCN, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS, Aljerah, ESPN, HS/College Stations, Military radio, 98% of print news sources. Wake up.

  10. We were sooooo upset when we tuned to KTUC 1400 yesterday and found the normally wonderful music (a great mix of old, new, country, etc.) was replaced with political comments and no information I would like to hear. We know about all the harpoons against the Democrats & Pres. Biden, B*** S*** and lies from the far right, including Donald Trump and his nasty MAGA folks. We can only hope they don’t bring down our Democracy and ruin our wonderful country. In the meantime, please don’t count on my friend and me to ever listen to KTUC again.


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