This Is What All-A.I. Radio Sounds Like


A 24-hour, fully-voiced radio station is now streaming, with a twist – those voices aren’t human. ElevenLabs has combined their voice AI technology with Super Hi-Fi’s production AI to launch “AI Radio.” The station is managed using Super Hi-Fi’s MagicStitch, ElevenLabs’ Prime Voice AI, and ChatGPT.

The point of “AI Radio” is to show how Super Hi-Fi’s can integrate ElevenLabs’ voice creation tools directly into their production platform, enabling customers to offer listeners personalized, fully branded, and localized AI jocks. Local advertisers can also use the voices for spots.

Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Salon said, “To be able to instantly design and generate amazingly realistic voices, combined with our existing ability to mix, assemble, and deliver a radio station with maximum quality and scale, opens the door to use cases that will delight listeners like never before.”

“Our voice technology is being put to use in such an exciting way through this partnership,” said Mati Staniszewski, CEO of Eleven Labs. “The combination of Super Hi-Fi and ElevenLabs’ breakthrough AI platforms opens up endless possibilities to create new content in the streaming audio space. We’re excited to see our technology enabling a more personalized, bespoke, and interactive offering for listeners.”


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