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(By Rick Fink) Why is it that media reps aren’t granted the same instant credibility as agencies? Primarily, it has to do with our reputation. I’m not referring to your personal reputation, but rather to our industry’s reputation. Much of it is well deserved! The old method of training our sales teams was to have them watch a few Chris Lytle and Jason Jennings videos, hand them a phone book along with the latest “Packages” of the week, month, and quarter, and send them out to the streets.

Business owners are on the receiving end of the inadequate process from the untrained, rabid, sales reps that are unleashed onto the city streets, each proclaiming they have the greatest radio stations and perfect listeners. Oh, and it’s cheap! All you have to do is sign here and, in a few days, people will start knocking down your doors!

Agencies are a little more subdued in their approach. They claim (even though it may not be true) they are not biased toward any specific advertising medium. Some suggest they have buying power and can purchase the same products for less, and they claim they are the experts. To put a cherry on top, they’ll flash a few nice plaques and trophies to prove their points!

So, how do you combat this? Start with not proclaiming that RADIO is the best advertising medium ever invented. This won’t get you very far. Discuss the positives AND negatives of all the different advertising mediums and make recommendations for others when appropriate. Discuss why and how advertising works, talk strategy, and help create ideas. Talk more about them, their wishes, their hopes and dreams, and less, much less, about your stations. Put your own cherry on top and discuss your group’s success stories. Talk like a Marketing Professional – you’ll earn more respect!

If you’re going to Walk the Walk, make sure you can Talk the Talk!

If you are looking for help with training your team to become more professional, more knowledgeable media reps, we would honor the opportunity to visit. Simply click here and let’s talk about how ENS Media can help train your media reps!

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