Skyview Still Working Through Technical Issues


Skyview Networks says it is still working with its technical and engineering teams to bring its operation back to speed, one week after a purported system intrusion brought things to a halt for the program syndicate and its affiliates.

The security incident last Monday left hundreds of radio affiliates without access to CBS News Radio and ABC News Radio programming, including hourly updates. Most affiliates were made aware of the issue when they received bulletins from the news networks urging them to fill slots with locally-produced programming.

On Monday, a spokesperson with Skyview said someone gained “unauthorized access to our IT environment,” and that the company is working with clients directly “to address specific needs and solutions, while also coordinating with our network partners and affiliates.”

We apologize for the disruption we are experiencing and appreciate the industry support and collaboration we have received for programming distribution as well as commercial delivery and schedule,” the spokesperson said.

Some content providers are already working on alternate solutions for affected radio affiliates. Monday afternoon, an official with ABC News Radio said it would offer Tuesday’s State of the Union address as well as pre- and post-address news coverage to stations.

“We had hoped to be able to provide you with a sense of when we expect to resume normal operation, but, unfortunately, we just don’t know yet,” the ABC News Radio official said in the memo. “I can assure you, it’s not for lack of effort. Our engineering team has been working through the weekend to create workarounds designed to mitigate the impact of this disruption to our affiliates, and we will continue to do so for as long as it takes.”

On Tuesday, a representative of Skyview said it would provide live coverage of the State of the Union from ABC and CBS to affiliates.


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