Station Won’t Play Eagles Before Super Bowl


A Midwest radio station says it will stop playing music from the Los Angeles rock band The Eagles until after the Super Bowl.

Starting on Monday, February 6, KJMK (93.9 FM) in Joplin, Missouri says it will show solidarity and allegiance with the Kansas City Chiefs by pulling Eagles hits like “Hotel California,” “Take It Easy” and “Take It to the Limit” until at least February 13.

The Kansas City Chiefs clinched the American Football Conference (AFC) championship last Sunday during a contentious and controversial game with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs will face the Philadelphia Eagles at the Super Bowl on February 12; the Eagles clinched the National Football Conference (NFC) championship after beating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday due to a mixture of quarterback injuries and bad officiating.

KJMK’s ban also extends to songs performed by members of the Eagles in their solo capacities — meaning no tunes by Glen Frey or Don Henley will air on the station, either.

“We love the Chiefs, and want to do our part to show support for our ‘Mahomies’ in their efforts to bring another championship to Kansas City,” Thom Watts, the program director for KJMK said. (“Mahomies” refers to fans of Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes.)

According to Fox Bet, the Eagles were favored to win the game over the Chiefs by slight odds as of Thursday. It was not clear if KJMK plans to keep their ban in place if the Chiefs aren’t able to bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy home.

The Super Bowl will air Sunday, February 12 on Fox, with radio coverage provided by Westwood One.



  1. I spent nearly 35 years in Radio, and some things never change…so many PD’s feel the need to try and “fix” something that’s not broke!
    I hope the sales department of 93.9, along with their listeners raise enough hell so he’ll back off from this shear insanity. He could really turn this into a huge money maker if he had any vision for promotion.
    Songs by The Eagles could be a real Chiefs fan boost for an on air promotion…think about it PD Watts, here’s your chance to be a hero instead of a zero!


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