9 Keys To Sales Greatness


(By Loyd Ford) “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee,” Mohammad Ali used to say all the time. He prepared himself more than others. He paid the price others wouldn’t to get somewhere few could achieve.

And he’s remembered for his greatness.

If you are in the business of selling, you want to become better at any part of selling that means more revenue for your company and more income for yourself. After all, a big part of the joy that comes from a sales job is winning.

Winning the client.

Winning the account.

Winning against all competition.

Here are 9 important keys to rising to greatness in sales:

1. Highly focused listening skills. The greatest salespeople are not the talkers; they listen well.

2. The ability to make others comfortable. You’ve heard it a million times. People buy from people they like. Here is another version of that for you to consider: They never even thought he was selling them; they just felt comfortable.

3. The ability to not take “no” as a rejection. My dog does this better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He refuses even to take in what you are saying when you say, “no.” He understands there is a natural resistance he has to break down, and he just keeps working on it until he wins. And he wins a lot.

4. Problem-solving ability. What are you listening for? The real problem that is bothering the potential client so you can solve the problem and win the day.

5. Managing up skills to help clear your path to be more effective for clients. Let’s be honest; not all rejection comes from outside the building; the ability to manage up and create a smooth transition for what you need is powerful. The great sellers have it in spades.

6. A high reactor ability. While we may educate, our primary focus should be listening and knowing when to react. This is like the true skills of an amazing actor or actress. They know when and how to react. Sellers who do this well are killers.

7. The ability to spot buying activity. There are signs. You might even say there are signs of transition from undecided to buying. The ability to understand this rapidly is really an important skill to sharpen.

8. The ability to close business. I never say, “Always be closing,” but you should always be ready to close when you see the buying signs. The ability to bring a sale home is a very critical skill.

9. A very strong desire not to lose. Don’t close your eyes on this one. Wanting to win is not enough. Everyone wants to win. Not everyone is willing to go far enough not to lose. Give me someone who hates to lose every time over someone who says they like to win, and we will outsell others who just want to win.

There you go. 9 opportunities to sharpen your ‘axe’ and help others, your company and your pocketbook all while becoming a better seller every day.

Loyd Ford is president of Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works. Reach him at 864.448.4169 or [email protected].


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