Katz Media Raises $47,000 for Broadcasters Foundation


Katz Media Group, the country’s largest media sales organization, raised more than $47,000 for the Broadcasters Foundation of America during its 12th annual company-wide membership drive.

The total amount raised by Katz Media Group has grown to nearly $450,000 since the drive’s inception, a spokesperson said in a release on Tuesday.

“As a longstanding board member, I have seen first-hand how the money raised helps broadcasters facing challenging times,” Mark Gray, the CEO of Katz Media Group, said on Tuesday. “I’m incredibly proud of the enormous generosity of the Katz team and their continued support to honor Stu’s legacy and give back to those in our industry who need it most.”

“I can’t thank the wonderful employees of Katz enough for their steadfast commitment to the Foundation,” Tim McCarthy, the president of the Broadcasters Foundation, said. “The management team at Katz is truly committed to supporting broadcasters in need.”

The Broadcasters Foundation distributes grants to broadcasters who have lost their livelihoods due to a catastrophic event, debilitating disease or other unforeseen tragedy or incident.

Money raised by Katz Media Group during its membership drive benefits the Stu Olds Memorial Fund, which was established in commemoration of Katz’s former CEO and directly assists broadcasters in need.

“As a board member, I strongly believe in the Foundation’s mission to help broadcasters who have fallen on hard times,” Leo MacCourtney, the president of Katz Television Group, said in a statement. “The Katz team has been a tremendous supporter of the Foundation, and we are proud to continue that tradition.”

For more information on the Broadcasters Foundation, visit the organization’s website HERE.


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