Would You Have Fired This Host?


    Following a two-week suspension for posting vile comments about Rush Limbaugh on social media, Len Nelson says Woodward Communications in Appleton has fired him from his morning show job at WAPL. Nelson’s suspension generated a lot of comments from our readers. Would you have fired Nelson?

    Nelson went on Facebook to post the details of his firing:
    “It started in 1984 but as of today, my long career at WAPL Radio and Woodward Radio Group is over. After a two week suspension, the company fired me this morning. I will miss the work and most of my fellow employees greatly, especially my wonderful cohort with whom I shared the studio for decades, Rick McNeal. I’ll also miss WAPL listeners and the music and stories we’ve shared. You should know that I’m not looking for a pity party here nor do I want this to be a forum for hating on the station. There are still good people whom I love there and they don’t deserve it. But I would like to thank the thousands of you who expressed support for me during this ordeal. It means so much to me. To those of you who expressed your hatred of me and have celebrated my troubles, yeah, I heard you, too. I don’t know where I’ll go from here nor what twist my career will take or if I’ll be forced to change it. I’ve never been fired from a job in the 40-plus years I’ve been employed so it’ll be something new which I’ll have to navigate. I know it won’t be easy but, while I am deeply crushed at the moment, I will survive.”

    Nelson posted that Rush’s show was “steeped in bigotry, misogyny, hypocrisy, lies and malice. He wrote “conservatives have become less informed, less tethered to factual evidence and less tolerant. And, he ended with the “the world is a better place without Rush Limbaugh.”


    1. Since firing Lynn and placing so called “cutter” whatever hole he climbed out of. I turn my radio off till after 10 a.m. especially since the absence of Rick…..who has to take abuse from cutter, poor Rick!!! I have been listening to the RICK since I was in highschool and I am now retired since Rick has been gone one of so called cutter show he and his accomplice were mistaken for being on a Betty Crocker show!! No Rick and all recipe garbage how degrading for WAPL. Last word REMOVE CUTTER!

    2. This story is still here? Amazing. Move on, people. The rest of us have. haven’t listened to “the apple” since he left, but I have an extensive (over 500) CD’s to select from. Radio is dead to me except at work, where I can’t use my USB.

      • Your site needs work. It clipped out some words of mine that make me look like I don’t know how to read or write. A pox on you.

        • Your site needs work. It clipped out some words of mine that make me look like I don’t know how to read or write. A pox on you. It originally said, “This story is still here? Amazing. Move on, people. The rest of us have. I haven’t listened to “The Rockin’ Apple” since he left, but I have an extensive (over 500) collection of CDs to select from. Radio is dead to me except at work, where I can’t use my USB”. So THERE.

        • My comment was supposed to look like this: “This story is still here? Amazing. Move on, people. The rest of us have. I haven’t listened to “The Rockin’ Apple” since he left, but I have an extensive (over 500) collection of CDs to select from. Radio is dead to me except at work, where I can’t use my USB plug-in”. So THERE.

      • No, he got fired for being a progressive liberal with a defective thought process posting his political hatred for a great American. RIP Rush. As for lefty Len, well, bye. Perhaps WAPL deserves another listen. We can all live without having to listen to or read those hateful words.

    3. Typical of the hypocrites that now populate the GOP. Whine about cancel culture, but stick it to anyone who disagrees with them or any of their minions. Was his last sentence a bit strong? No doubt. But no stronger than the scads of crapola that came from RL’s yapper. So much for free speech……

    4. The firing of Len by WAPL management is yet another ignorant move by another ignorant Republican mentality management entity. How the hell can he have been fired for stating the truth and not his opinion. Rush Limbaugh was openly a misinformed Republican gas lighting idiot who fed on the anger of white Republicans who really did not care about facts. Good luck Len. Consider this my end of listening to WAPL.

    5. Wow I’ve never listened to conservative talk radio but have listened to the Rick and Len show.
      Can someone/anyone give some of those hate filled racist quotes from Rush so I can share them around so everyone will know how evil RL really was.

    6. Based on this logic, if Len Nelson had said the world is a better place without Jeffrey Dahmer or any other private citizen, then he’d be fired or suspended.

    7. Is WAPL aware that Rush Limbaugh is not nor ever has been an elected official or politician? Rush is a private citizen, a civilian like anyone else. Why would that be suspendable or fireable to remark on a private citizen??? this is clearly an indication of the reverence WAPL has for Limbaugh, or the complete and utter fear they have for Rush fans. Either way this is unjust.

    8. I myself am in the fear of expressing my feelings concerning political and media items. I am in fear of the hatred and repricusions that come with not following the crowd. Len has my vote! He expressed what many of us feel and should very well be not afraid to do so! WAPL will no longer be listened in my home or car!

    9. Rush said thing that were so much more hurtful than that. And he said them on the air, not just on a social media post. My parting words to Rush and his minions, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.”

    10. Bring back the Fairness Doctrine. The use and
      abuse of the PUBLIC airwaves for conservative
      messaging/propaganda has no place in our country.
      This firing is absurd and a true reflection of the
      continuing censorship of the radio industry by the
      conservative cabal controlling our airwaves.

    11. if he had not be suspended and fired we would not know what he said. the damage to the WAPL brand was the result of their reaction, not his opinion. opinion. a sad opinion but just that.

    12. I wouldn’t have even suspended him, let alone firing him. He did not make the comment on the air, only in social media. The cancel culture works from both the right and the left. He doesn’t have a right to an opinion? Is this America? Vile comments? As if Limbaugh didn’t make them on air?

      As for the social media, best to abstain from them and keep your mouth…or keyboard…shut, especially in this age of the cancel culture. They often prove to be career killers.

    13. Fired? YES! He obviously has an agenda (running for office?) and thought it would further his career. Typical UNeducated Liberal. Did he ever listen to Rush?

    14. I deplore this dude’s comments. Especially that last line. Whether he believes or not…what was he smokin’ to think that was perfectly fine and no repercussions would follow? All that being said, I hate the current “cancel culture” even more, and his firing just adds more legitimacy to this disturbing trend. Should have stopped at suspension..

    15. IMO he was good until that last line. Being glad someone’s dead crosses the line for me. Again, just my opinion.

    16. I’m sure Len is confused, especially with Nick Cannon being treated like hero after his suspension…. I have a feeling that Len is no longer a fan of cancel culture.

    17. Suspended, YES, fired, absolutely NO. If he went after Nancy Pelosi or her other corrupt buddies, he would have received a raise from me.

    18. Much less vile and objectionable than much of what is said on conservative talk radio daily. But, being a music station probably made it worth a reprimand and warning to not do again.

    19. Suspended, yes. Fired, no. I suspect this might have been used as an opportunity to part ways with someone who’d been around a long time and they couldn’t use the layoff excuse on. Ironically, if he had been just down the road in Madison (versus a far more conservative Appleton), this would likely have been a non-story. I wonder if you took a poll of people today in the community as to whether they felt he deserved to be fired, or just incur a suspension, what those results — and not the impulse of several weeks back –might look like? I imagine suspension would be looked upon as accepted punishment, as well.

    20. If it was a conservative talk station , I’d understand , but a rock station and he didn’t say it on the air ?! Once Rock and Rock listeners all opposed everything that POS Limbaugh espoused. .

    21. Vile, huh? Yeah, probably. Impartiality is apparently vile as well, since you made zero effort to actually maintain it.


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