WTOP is Radio’s Top Billing Station…Again


In a streak lasting since 2014, Hubbard Radio’s WTOP-FM in Washington, DC was once again the top billing radio station in 2021. BIA estimates that WTOP-FM pulled $70 million in revenues in 2021, up 12.9% from $62 million in 2020. WTOP-FM is also the only station on this list to surpass its pre-pandemic revenue figure of $69.8 million in 2019.

Hubbard Radio garnered 30.5% of the over-the-air revenue in the Washington, DC market in 2021… 29.1% of which went to WTOP-FM.

Number two ranked KIIS-FM in Los Angeles accounted for 9.1% of the over-the-air revenue in Los Angeles with $43 million (down from pre-pandemic revenues of $59.9 million in 2019).

And Number 3 ranked WLTW in New York accounted for 8.7% of the market’s over-the-air radio revenue with $34.6 million (down from $44.0 million in 2019). Both KIIS-FM and WLTW are owned by iHeartMedia.

WSB in Atlanta, which was number 4 last year, fell off the 2021 list completely after billing. BIA reported that the Cox Media Group station billed $30 million last year.


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