Profane Outburst Leads to Firing


We reported yesterday that KFNS-FM Morning Show Host Vic Faust was caught berating his co-host during a commercial break at the station that was recorded and leaked to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Faust was fired from his TV anchor position yesterday and his radio job is on hold.

Faust worked for the Fox 2 affiliate in the market as a news anchor. His profane outburst, directed at Crystal Cooper lasted nearly five minutes. It came after she apparently criticized his computer skills. When Cooper pushed back on the accusation, he responded with, “shut the f*** up!” He called her trash, criticized her parenting skills and called her stupid. He also told her not to come back to work, to which she responded that he wasn’t her boss.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Wednesday that Nexstar GM Kurt Krueger dismissed Faust after the tirade was published: “Vic Faust no longer works for Fox 2, KPLR (Channel 11) or Nexstar Media.”

Faust has not been on KFNS radio since the newspaper’s report, although there has been no official comment from station management yet.

In a social media post on Twitter Wednesday, Faust apologized. “I am very sorry. My words hurt Crystal, my colleagues and family. I made a huge mistake and I’m ashamed. As I work to earn trust again, I hope we can have an open dialogue about respect in the workplace and forgiveness. My mistake is not my kids’. Please respect their privacy.”


  1. Don Imus made a career out of insults. This is entertainment. She should have just laughed it off. His comments were rather juvenile. If his ratings are up he’ll be back.

  2. “Chris” should be fired, too. The host said he’s reported 4 incidents and “Chris” has done nothing but allow the combative environment to burn and burn. The hosts reaction were wrong, but “Chris” negligence was the root. Both personalities should sue the company, based on “Chris'” failure to do his assigned work.

  3. I do believe in forgiveness and “second chances”. But I also believe there should be consequences for one’s actions. I went to college with a young lady who worked in the St. Louis market, and he was mean to her as well as the person he was berating in this now “infamous” rant. I heard the rant, and I believe the TV and radio stations did the right thing in firing him…there’s no place for that, or at least there’s no place for it in public.

    If he gets another chance in radio and/or TV, I really hope he learned his lesson. There are way too many people aspiring to get in, or get back in the media business…that may never get that chance because people like this person are taking the jobs, and taking them for granted.


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