Jenn & Bus Leaving WYOY-FM


“Jenn & Bus” (Jenn Ryan and Kevin Barnhart) have decided to exit Top 40 WYOY-FM, Jackson, MS. Ryan has shifted career paths into the world of non-profits.

“We are truly saddened to see them go. They became family over the past couple of years and they were riding really high in the ratings,” said Bob Lawrence, Market Manager. “Jenn got that calling to help people through a yet, undisclosed charitable non-profit. They’ll be tough to replace but find a new show we must.”

The ‘Help Wanted’ sign is out.

“If you’re frustrated with the ‘corporate radio thing’ and watching the industry you love filled with syndicated, non-local programming this could be the op for you,” added Lawrence. “We are looking for an existing team, or one we can help you build. If you have a morning show you’re ready to bring to a family-owned company that believes in local talent, we want to hear from you!”

If interested contact PD/Brand Manager Matt Mony at [email protected]


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