Tampa Area Station Setting Records


WZPH-FM in the Tampa suburb of Zephyrhills promotes non-stop oldies rock n’ roll. According to the station, it has played three-million songs in a row since 2004.

Owner/DJ Doc Thayer is pleased with the accomplishment, “WZPH, 96.7 FM, set out to play a world record 100,000 songs in a row, on March 24, 2004. In the 99,000’s there was a perceived sadness. Why? Well, the 100,000th song is to be aired soon. So? That does not mean WZPH stops. It didn’t. Non-stop oldies rock ‘n’ roll. No commercials, no begathons, none whatsoever, and now at three million songs in a row and continuing.”

The owner of WZPH (We’re Zephyrhills Power Heroes) adds it all has been done with the ‘Power Heros’ line-up of only 2 DJs and a staff of weather girls and SJs (‘Singing Jocks’).


  1. As consulting PD/MD, I second that emotion…I have known Doc since 1975 and he is a dedicated radio guy, who happens to run a great radio station.

    Al Gordon
    1640 WJPR
    Highland Park/Edison, NJ


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