Acting Up Returns


“Acting Up” podcast is returning to TheGrio’s Black Podcast Network. In each episode, theGrio’s Entertainment Director Cortney Wills talks with actors, writers, producers, directors, executives, and insiders who shape how communities are represented on screens big and small.

“I think that it’s so important that we hold Hollywood accountable, especially after so many studios, networks and brands made huge declarations to further their mission and pour their dollars into expanding diversity and inclusion,” said Wills. “Now, I’m ready to see who’s walking the walk and who is just talking.”

Previous guests like Samuel L. Jackson, Natasha Rothwell, Courtney B. Vance, Amber Ruffin, Jonathan Majors, and Yvonne Orji have conveyed what their journeys through Hollywood, where they have struggled, where they have succeeded, and where the industry as a whole still needs a lot of work.

Season two of “Acting Up” premiers July 30.


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