Is The Gigi Sohn FCC Nomination Dead?


For months the broadcast industry has been wondering when a 5th FCC Commissioner will be seated. Since President Biden took office there have only been four Commissioners. Biden’s nomination, Gigi Sohn, was controversial from the start and has never been voted upon by Congress.

Fox News, a news outlet Sohn has called a threat to democracy, is reporting that The White House may be considering pulling Sohn’s nomination to fill out the Commission. With the Senate at 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats the White House has been unable to get Sohn’s vote to a point to have Vice President Kamala Harris to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Fox Business reports that the White House is reaching out to other candidates as part of an early-stage vetting process if the administration decides to pull the plug on Sohn.
Republicans are expected to make gains in both the House and the Senate this November which would certainly end any chance Sohn has to be approved as she as seen as far-left by members of Congress.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has called Sohn unqualified for The FCC and said having her on the Commission would be a complete nightmare. If the Republicans do take control of The Senate it may mean the Commission will continue with only 4 members for a lot longer with how partisan Washington has become. Typically the Commission has a majority (3) of members from the party in power with the minority party having the other 2 seats.

Fox Business is reporting that Democratic Senators Mark Kelly of Arizona and Catherine Cortez-Masto of Nevada, who are up for re-election and in fierce battles for their seats, have reportedly told the White House they couldn’t vote for Sohn.

Sohn is in favor of net neutrality which the previous Commission under Ajit Pai repealed. The Biden administration has vowed to reinstall net neutrality if it can get a majority of votes on the FCC.


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