Ken Matthews Syndication Ends Abruptly


Talk Media Networks launched Matthews into syndication 7 months ago. As of last week, that relationship was over. Here’s what Talk Media Networks CEO Josh Leng had to say about the Matthews program.

Ken Matthews’ syndication agreement with Talk Media Network has been terminated. There will be no further comment.
Josh Leng
Talk Media Networks

We heard from one affiliate who said, “All the syndicator says is that Ken did something shocking so they ended his contract with him.”

The show continues to feed Best Of episodes and will conclude August 12th.

We were unable to reach Ken for a comment about what happened. Here’s what he posted to his Twitter feed five days ago:
Matthews is still listed on the WHP-AM (Harrisburg) website as host of the 3P-6P slot on the iHeart station. WHP is Matthews’ home base station.

Matthews was a frequent guest host on the late Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated program over the years.


  1. So can anyone say what transpired ? I’m guessing he said something to raise the ire of that clown running for Wolfs position ?
    Anything. ….? Am I close…?

  2. I certainly Wish someone would tell Kens loyal audience and supporters what happened??
    I am so saddened and disappointed not to be able to hear Ken from 3-6 pm anymore. I will not listen to WHP 580 either. Ken spoke the truth and was brilliant at it!!

  3. I didn’t always agree with some of his far right analogies but he was good at what he did and was so entertaining!!

  4. No more 580 for me. Ken Matthews was an excellent source of information and character. Shame on you for being part of that. You know he was set up.


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