G Audio Holiday Weekend Package


Fourth of July Fun Facts are 60-second features from G Audio Networks. The Ashley & Brad Show offering is 12 free one-minute vignettes that give listeners different trivia facts about the 4th of July.

“Just when you thought you knew everything about the greatest country in the world, listeners will learn about the best songs for a fabulous July 4th playlist, as well as facts they may have never heard before,” said Ashley Paige.

“It’s America’s birthday, and we’re celebrating the land of the free, so here’s our free gift to radio!” Brad Abrell added, during the production of the vignettes.

Fourth of July Fun Fact topics and highlights include trivia about Independence Day, such as most popular food, most popular songs, movies for the Fourth of July, fireworks, songs for a Fourth of July playlist, towns with patriotic names, and more.

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