Audacy The #2 Podcast Network According to Triton


Stitcher held onto the top spot on the Triton chart for networks with 59.1 million Average Weekly Downloads and 14.8M Average Weekly Users. The Audacy Podcast Network was next with 36.2 million Average Weekly Downloads and 10.2M Average Weekly Users. This latest report covered January 31st – February 27th.

According to Triton, NPR was third with 33.5 million Average Weekly Downloads and 7.4 million Average Weekly Users.

For this reporting period, the top three podcasts were:
#1) NPR News Now
#2) Crime Junkie
#3) The Ben Shapiro Show

New shows debuting this period for downloads include:
Last Podcast On The Left and Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris, The Deck and The Rich Eisen Show.



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