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(By Laurie Kahn) We still hear from many of you who are ‘waiting for the right candidates to fall in your laps.’ You post boring ads sharing what YOU need in a hire and expect them to go to your website and apply for a job. This is 2022 and it is just not going to happen.

You have created an enticing job posting and it’s great to share but know that 99% of the time it won’t deliver what you need. We would bet this is not how you gain new clients so why would you expect to make your hires this way?

So…in the same way you identify target accounts to pursue and have your business development team focused on bringing in new business, the same concept needs to be applied to your hiring. It is just as important as having strong programming. Without a solid revenue department, you are going to struggle.

Developing and working a talent pipeline will be one of the most valuable ways to hire new employees, especially in business development. You don’t need to go out and invest in a high-priced software, you can create your own by using a spreadsheet program. We recommend Google Sheets as it can be shared with those working the pipeline, so all activity and notes are in one place.

The first step, which can be time consuming, is building the pipeline list. You start populating it by adding in prospective employees or those who may be connected and can refer you to your ideal next hire. Have columns for name, phone, current employer, email address*, and notes.

Use sources like LinkedIn, Facebook, local Chambers of Commerce to add names. Ask staff for referrals. Include clients, prospects, and people who have attended station promotions. Gather names of HR department staff at large local employers who may have employees moving to town with spouses looking for work. The larger the net, the more people who will be exposed to your openings.

*This list is used as a marketing tool where you can send marketing emails or text messages about things about your station, or when you have new opportunities. It should be used to share why your company is great, wonderful wins you have had, why you are a good employer and a great choice for those considering a career change. It is your way of selling your open positions.

Once you have the list, you need to work it. Besides the marketing we just covered, someone needs to do the ‘sourcing.’ Call each name to inquire how happy they are in their current job, if they have considered a career change, or do they know of anyone looking? Would they like more information about the opportunity? Those that do need to quickly be turned over to a manager for a conversation. Notes on communication should be updated on the pipeline so you know who and when to follow up with each prospect. This is when it becomes essential to start building that relationship so it can result in a future hire.

Talent Acquisition is a different game these days. It is time consuming. It takes commitment. And it needs accountability, or it won’t get done.


 Laurie Kahn is the creator and founder of Media Staffing Network. She can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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