Bongino Off The Air This Week


Several affiliates have told Radio Ink that Westwood One has put The Dan Bongino Show into “best of” mode for the remainder of the week. His program was not on the radio yesterday. Bongino has been ranting on his show about Cumulus’ vaccine mandate. He’s syndicated by Cumulus’ Westwood One.

Episode #1634 is the latest podcast uploaded to Bongino’s website. In the 56 minute show he takes several minutes to address his objection to mandates, which is what he’s fighting with Cumulus over. “They didn’t consult with us content providers. I strongly object to the mandate. The fight with them is having a real impact. Behind the scenes it’s getting a little ugly here. I wasn’t on the radio today. I don’t know what they did, played the ‘best of’ or whatever. You don’t treat people this way. You don’t let people go because they insist their body is theirs.”

Bongino said he received an e-mail from a former Cumulus employee who was let go because of the company’s vaccine requirement. “And, they denied his religious request. It was a slap in the face to not be legitimately considered. When Cumulus needed him during the pandemic he was there for them. Folks, you don’t treat people that way. I’m not going to let it happen. This fight has been wearing me down but it’s not wearing me out.”

Bongino went on to say that you can’t make up for partners who treat people poorly and have no character. “I don’t care what kind of business strategy they have they will screw you in the end. I’m hoping that’s not the case here. We could have done some really special things together especially with the radio show.”

The former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent who started out as a podcaster said, he’s not giving up the fight. “I’m working on a lot of different avenues. It’s not easy. They are making it difficult for a lot of us. I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this. If you trust your content don’t ever sign any long-term deals with anyone.”

We reached out to Cumulus. A company spokesperson said they would not be making a statement on the issue. We did not hear back from Westwood One after reaching out to them as well.

The company launched the conservative Bongino in the Noon to 3p.m. slot on hundreds of radio stations.


  1. Doesn’t matter even if the worthless clotshot was 100% effective. These evil corporate “mandates” are out of line and unacceptable. The brainwashed sheep and cowards can line up for their 4’th, 5’th, 6’th booster shot, but smarter, stronger Americans are leaving corporate jobs in droves and finding something better. Between their mandate and their other forced-woke nonsense, corporations are hemoraging skilled talent and innovators, leaving only their spineless lemmings.

    • Yup that’s what you are Dan bringing tells the truth and how it is. A lot of people are living it so it’s the truth. You dems are retarded

  2. In my opinion, personal choice goes out the window when public or workplace safety is concerned. I suppose Bongino also thinks Cumulus should reject those OSHA regulations that he personally disagrees with, too.

    I have health issues (immune system related) that require me to take precautions in public even though I have had three Pfizer doses. Bongino’s stand makes me feel like he doesn’t care about my — or anyone else’s — well-being. It’s all apparently about him and anyone else’s concerns are immaterial.

    I would use a certain four-letter word here, followed by “him”, but I choose to remain polite.

    • Bongino is immunocompromised as well and just recovered from lymphoma. He is vaccinated as well. You are talking out your backside.

    • oh lets see, you have been vaccinated, so you are protected. But wait! You can still contract, spread and die from the virus. So yeah you are protected, the vaccine is worthless. It was developed for covid A, we are well past that. Since I already had covid my natural immunity trumps your make believe vaccine. Never mind the deaths and other health maladies caused by the vaccine itself.

  3. I support Dan and his decision! It’s not about the vaccine the mandate it’s not law and it never will be law it’s about the sovereignty of your body your choice if you want to smoke you can smoke if you want the vaccine then you can get the vaccine if something so good for Humanity why is it being forced? He’s not trying to do anything but stand up for what he believes in he himself has had the vaccine because of health problems his choice he does not believe a person should be told what to do with their body how many people have tattoos can you still have people who think it’s ugly destructive what is your body so you did it nobody talked you out of it. You can’t argue with polio vaccine or any other vaccine we’ve had three four five six seven decades to collect data and science not 18 months and a lot of stuff taking place is not being reported by the news outlets open your eyes people see what’s going on in this country eventually you’re all going to be treated like prisoners they’re going to be told when to eat when you can use the bathroom when you can shower or exercise when you can work we are born three people all of us and we should stay that way. This is only the first steps into losing our own right to Sovereign our body we all have to stand up and say no or we’re not going to remain free people. Strength is in numbers and numbers is in unity. Think about all the people that have came to this country for the American dream past present and future many of those people right now are trying to get into this country they are trying to leave a country that is a dictatorship ran by tyrants communism socialism they want to come here because we are free people ,they will tell you if you ask them we do not want what they just left / escaped from.

    • You’re fine to say “My body my choice.” But if it’s my company, it’s my rules. You can’t tell me how to run my company. So the company he works for has a mandate. It’s his choice to work there or not. But he can’t tell his employer what to do. You come into someone’s office, they get to set the rules. It’s like my bar, my rules.

    • Whatever happened to the right’s desire to let the free market rule? Cumulus has the right to mandate vaccination, and the employees have the right not to get the stick.

      Let’s not kid ourselves. Bongino doesn’t give a crap about the vaccine mandate, or he would have started talking about it months ago when it was announced and not weeks after it took effect. No, Bongino is whining because he now knows how hard it is to do three hours of talk radio a day and wants out of his contract.

    • It was a lie made up to cover their lack of personal responsibility, and assuage their conscience after murdering their unborn children.

  4. Lucky guy to get the job. Private company. They make their own rules. Dan’s not smart enough to keep the job. Back to podcasting and complaining buddy.

  5. Keep up the fight Dan-no one should be forced to take a shot that was rushed, has no long term studies, is no where near 50% effective and has been proven can still be spread by those who are vaccinated. For those in disagreement, please do your research and look at countries like Israel where vax rates are extremely high and Covid still rages on. Stop this Covid INSANITY.

    • Check the latest news: Covid rates in Israel as of October 25 are the lowest of the year. Doctors credit the high vaccination rate in curbing the rate of infection.

      • Where you get that info. CNN.. Lol, isreal states the vaccine is wearing off after 6 months. What about the study that natural immunity was more potent than the vaccine, or is that against your one track mind!

        • Natural immunity also wears off, in some cases sooner than the vaccine. Read the full study, and then read the follow up studies. There’s more to what happened than what you’re saying. Also look at the current infection rates in Australia, where vaccinations are over 75% of the population. Don’t just read the studies that confirm your opinion.

  6. It’s good to see him standing up for what should be an individual’s right. No one should be able to force you into what is basically a large scale human clinical trial. Ever heard of the Nuremburg Code? Try reading it and then tell me that is not being violated.

  7. Fire his @$$! Where will this anti-vaxxer crap stop? Should we abolish the mandates for schoolchildren to be vaccinated against polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, rubella and other diseases? Should we have the “right” to contract any or all of these diseases and to spread them to the rest of the population?
    Let’s have some good, old-fashioned epidemics! Keep Bongino off the air!

    • He’s not AntiVaxer…. He’s against MANDATES. . Why don’t you read his stance on this Issue?
      It’s our BODY not the Governments.. .
      Also he’s vaccinated cuz of his Cancer illness!

      • This is not about a government mandate. It’s about a company mandate. This same company mandates many other things for their employees, and they sign an employee agreement that they will follow them It’s about safety in the workplace. This same company had a talk show host die from covid a couple months ago.

    • You need to get facts. He is not an anti-vaxxer. He is vaccinated but is against the government telling people what to do. It’s a choice….democrats usually love the word choice when it’s mother’s killing their babies. Before commenting inform yourself on the subject.

      • Once again, this is not about a government mandate. He’s against a company mandate. Read: “Bongino has been ranting on his show about Cumulus’ vaccine mandate.” It has nothing to do with the government or democrats.

      • Yes. And one of my rights should be to not be exposed to a DEADLY disease spread by idiots who have made a public health issue into a political one. Another one of my rights should be to not be turned away from a hospital because all of its beds are occupied by COVID patients who got sick because they were not vaccinated. Too bad there’s no vaccine against ignorance.

        • Sure you would be in-line for that shot too.. What about the fact vaccinated people are spreading it without a care faster than unvaxed.. Should do your homework before u spew out some bs response..

        • You do realize you can both get and spread covid while vaccinated right? What I don’t understand is why so many are terrified of a virus with a 98.7% survival rate. Yeah it sucked having it..rough couple of days but now I’m more protected from it than you with your experimental vaccine. Most who refuse it aren’t”antivaxxers” we are anti guinea pig..but to each their own is the point.

          • The vaccine isn’t an experiment. The guinea pigs are the ones who take their chances and get sick. As Phil Valentine how that worked out. Sorry, you can’t cause he’s dead.

          • It’s amazing how people trot out that 98.7% statistic like it’s no big deal. Apparently BillyBob would be good with it if his spouse or one of his kids was one of the 1.3% who died.

    • Bongino is immunocompromised and just recovered from lymphoma. He is vaccinated. He tells the audience to get educated about it and make their own decision. He has done far more research into it than 99% of people. For the record, the vaccines were never developed to prevent the spread of covid, only decrease symptom severity. There is no evidence they prevent the spread of covid. You can still contract it despite being vaccinated. The vaccinated carry HIGHER viral load than the unvaccinated (admitted by that Psycho Leana Wen, MD, herself). There are still plenty of vaccinated ending up in the ICU with covid. But what would I know? I am only a Critical Care NP.

      • Sorry, but he comes off as having gone far beyond “to get educated about it and make [your] own decision.”

        Cumulus/Westwood One has every legal right to mandate vaccination as a condition of employment. Bongino would have every right to not continue working there if he didn’t want to be vaccinated, but since he is that point is moot.

        Honestly, with that fact in the mix and his not carrying the argument outside of Cumulus’ authority, I have to wonder why the hell he’s making this big a stink over it.


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