Survey Says: Sellers Are Optimistic


Nearly half of media sales representatives expect their forecasted local-direct sales revenue will finish 2021 “significantly higher” than in 2020. That is one of the take-aways from a new survey from Ohio based SalesFuel.

The 11th annual State of Media Sales™ survey was conducted in August 2021. The 394 respondents to the survey were media sales reps and media sales managers including broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, newspapers/magazines, direct response and those who have more than 50% of their revenue from digital sources.

Some other highlights of the annual State of Media Sales™ survey:

  • 78% of all respondents say that hiring high-quality salespeople is proving significantly harder than in previous years – a view that jumped to nearly 88% for digital respondents.
  • 63% of digital sellers expect retail sector sales revenues to increase significantly.
  • 50% of digital respondents expect sales increases from hospitals while 63% believe medical clinics sales will increase significantly.
  • 25% of media sales reps make at least half of their sales calls via video chat.

“Media companies, like many other industries, are finding their current process for hiring salespeople is outdated, which puts them at a disadvantage in today’s labor shortage,” said C. Lee Smith, CEO. “It’s also time to consider expanding your candidate pool beyond those currently in sales to others having the qualities of a great salesperson including problem solving, coachability, listening and empathy.”


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