Spotify & Pandora Can’t Do This


A wise General Manager once said ‘If five people are gathering we should be there.’ Remotes are still a staple of a successful radio station. Listeners want to engage with their local personalities, something Pandora and Spotify will never be able to provide.

And you never know where Radio Ink will be. In this case, at a suburban Cincinnati mall on a sunny Saturday afternoon where we spotted Tim Timmerman from the WKRQ (Q102) morning show and Kylie Phillips from the promotions department.


  1. Oh yea, “listeners” wake up and go, “Man, I just want to go see Billy Bob at 7-11 and spin a wheel for a crap prize.” Spotify and Pandora can’t do it because you can’t generate revenue off of 5 people. Good lord, Man! Keep justifying positions of weakness which is bread from laziness. Setting up a remote is easy. Creating unbelievable content is hard, and to do it daily is almost impossible. “Local” has become an excuse to be average.

  2. Is this real? Promoting doing a remote at a decrepit former shopping mall?

    I guess it makes sense for two dead industries to work together.

    The fact that this article positioned this as a success is the real tragedy.


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