NY Festivals 2021 Radio Winners


The BBC was honored with the New York Festivals 2021 Broadcaster of the Year Award. The BBC award-winning entries according to festival officials captivated listeners with exceptional storytelling in News, Podcasts, and Dramas.

“We’re delighted to receive the award for 2021 Broadcaster of the Year,” said Dylan Haskins, Commissioner, BBC Sounds & BBC Radio 5 Live. “We’re especially proud of the recognition from the New York Festivals this year for I’m Not a Monster, our collaboration between BBC Sounds, BBC Panorama and Frontline PBS, and Where is George Gibney? from Second Captains, but also of all of the teams and collective effort across the BBC that goes into making impactful public service radio and podcasts and bringing these stories to audiences across the world.

The full list of New York Festivals honors and winners can be found Here.


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