Marketron: We’re Making “Significant Progress”


After telling customers to go with manual logs for Wednesday and Thursday, Marketron notified customers yesterday that significant progress has been made toward restoring service for Marketron Traffic and Visual Traffic after a cyberattack last weekend.

The company says with assistance from third-party remediation and restoration specialists and forensic investigators, it has prepared an entirely new environment to begin safely and securely restoring services and data. “Customers will have services restored on a rolling basis in phases as we work to move to this environment. Once moved to this location, all users from your market location/database will be restored simultaneously. Phasing the rollout is the most expeditious way to restore service to all customers, and it ensures that services are restored in a way that gives all users the best experience.”

The rollout process was expected to begin Wednesday evening and take several days to complete.

Customers will receive an email from [email protected] when it’s time for their service to be restored. Marketron says that e-mail will give customers important instructions and asks them not to try to log in prior to receiving the email. The company says old passwords will not work and network congestion will delay the rollout process.

When accounts are restored, the data will be current as of approximately 10:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Customers will need to reconcile log information between Sept. 18 and the time their account is restored.

Marketron has not said anything about whether it has had to pay any ransom money to get its files back from the cyberattack.



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