Yes, Indeed, Radio Can Help Companies Find Employees


We’ve heard it many times over the past six months. Businesses are having a tough time hiring. That turned out to be a positive for Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Both companies have been flooding the airwaves trying to help companies find employees.

According to Media Monitors, Indeed and ZipRecruiter ran more commercials than any other category on radio, broadcast TV and cable. Indeed was the number one advertiser on all three for the first 8 months of this year.

Indeed was the top advertiser overall, airing 2. million commercials across all three media, according to Media Monitors data which covered the period between January 1, 2021, and August 31, 2021. The employment services company favored radio advertising, airing 1,7 million on the medium, compared to 855,825 spots on local cable and 144,666 spots on TV.

ZipRecruiter was the number two advertiser overall and on radio and local cable. The employment services company aired 1,4 million spots overall, with 956,945 on radio and 474,808 on local cable.

Although employment services firms topped the rankings, the recruitment arms of major retailers and restaurants also ranked high in each medium. (number 3), Spectrum (number 4), GEICO (number 7), Denny’s (number 8) and Chewy (number 10) were among the top 10 overall.

“In this tight labor market, companies are facing strong competition for a limited number of job candidates,” said Media Monitors President and CEO Philippe Generali. “The largest companies often have the greatest need to recruit, so it’s not surprising to see Amazon and GEICO among the top 10 advertisers. But small businesses are competing against these giants, so they need to be more active about promoting their openings. That’s one reason we see employment services like Indeed and ZipRecruiter at the top of the rankings.” focused all of its advertising on radio, while Denny’s divided its spots almost equally between broadcast TV, where it ranked second among the top 10, and local cable.

GEICO, which ranked at number five on radio, aired all of its spots in this medium. Meanwhile, Chewy aired 26,563 of its 28,664 instances on radio and the remainder of its spots on broadcast TV.

Other notable recruitment advertisers include Walmart and FedEx on radio, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and UPS on broadcast TV, and Safelite AutoGlass on local cable.


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