NuVoodoo Looks At Delta Variant Impact


NuVoodoo Media Services conducted a Quick Turn Study on the impact of the Delta Variant on live events. The results showed the impact on attendance is significant.

“Our study results indicate that Delta’s impact on event attendance is significant,” said Leigh Jacobs, EVP, Research. “For example, better than 2 in 5 either will not (or might not) attend business conferences or trade shows. Requiring proof of vaccination lifts attendance among the vaccinated while disenfranchising the unvaccinated. Potential attendance is limited either way.”


Other study findings:

  • Only 4 in 10 people would attend a large public indoor gathering the didn’t require prior COVID-19 vaccination or other measure.
  • The unvaccinated are nearly twice as likely to attend large indoor gatherings with no COVID restrictions.
  • Among those in the sample with pre-pandemic attendance of work-related events involving more than a couple of dozen people, over a third say they would prefer to attend such meetings virtually now.

“Last week’s cancellation of the October NAB event underscored the value of virtual attendance options wherever possible,” added Jacobs. “Virtual won’t work to replace every event experience, but it can be an attendance-widening addition in many cases – and an insurance policy in others.”

The full presentation of the NuVoodoo study findings can be found Here.


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