Could Larry Elder Actually Win in California?


That’s the headline in The Mercury News now that Elder is officially on the ballot and his campaign is in full swing. The paper points out that the Conservative has nearly 1 million Twitter followers, proposes abolishing the IRS, welfare and the minimum wage, opposes gun restrictions and mask mandates and doesn’t believe policing has a systemic race problem.

The newspaper cites a UC Berkley poll that among likely recall voters, 34% said they were considering supporting Elder. California has the 5th largest economy in the world.

The 69-year old Republican, aka the Sage from South Central” who’s followers are known as Elder-ados and Elder-berries is a lawyer, has published books, written newspaper columns, is frequently seen on television, and, of course, has been the host of a very popular syndicated radio show for years. .

Elder has been spending the last few days beating up Governor Gavin Newsom on Twitter. Voters will first determine if Newsom should face a recall. If that passes, the candidate with the most votes becomes the next Governor.

Jaime Regalado, a professor emeritus at Cal State Los Angeles, tells the Mercury News, “The fact that Elder appears to be doing so well “is no surprise at all. Larry Elder’s been around a long time, he’s had a soapbox for a long time, and he’s not a politician. For a lot of people, that’s a good thing.” Republican strategist Rob Stutzman added, Elder’s “got the highest name ID.”

Read The Mercury New piece HERE


  1. 100% a very intelligent man, a born in LA candidate who loves this state. We have to get our freedoms back. It is a dictatorship at this time. Gavin Newsom is the definition of White Privilege

    • Speaking of White Privilege, to use your term. Do you personally bestow privileges onto White People. If so, what are you offering?

  2. Elder will not win. In my opinion, he is way too whacko right wing for the CA electorate…and worse, in my opinion and in my perception, Elder has vocalized a disdain for minoritied, including shockingly African Americans, of which he obviously is one. He can’t be sincere about that; it had to be a technique for him to get attention. Plus being on hard extremist right Salem Radio, will hurt him with mainstream moderate folks.


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